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Science Café

New for 2018: Science Café heads to the Happy Raven each month!
112 N 11th St., Lincoln, Nebraska

Free events for ages 21+ Cash bar available. Food available for purchase from the Gilded Swine.

Tuesday, April 24 | 6:30-8:00pm
Life in the Past Lane: Digging into Nebraska’s Prehistoric Past and its Highway Paleontology Program
with Shane Tucker, Highway Paleontologist, Nebraska Highway Paleontology Program

It’s a “Paleo-Safari!” Examine casts and provided clues to formulate your guesses about what animals used to live in Nebraska.  Learn more about Nebraska’s fossil history and The Nebraska Highway Paleontology Program, a cooperative partnership between the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the University of Nebraska State Museum.
Tuesday, May 22 | 6:30-8:00pm
Seeing the Big Picture: The Importance of Public Collaboration for Understanding Nebraska's Prehistoric Past.
with Matthew Douglass, Master of Applied Science Program, Science for Educators

The Artifact Roadshow Program is a citizen science based project created by the University of Nebraska and the USDA Forest Service to develop working relationships between local artifact collecting communities and archaeologists. Learn about the need for collaboration between the public and archeologists and ongoing efforts to facilitate identification and documentation of projectile point collections held by the public.
Tuesday, June 26 | 6:30-8:00pm
Brain & Nature
with Anne R. Schutte, Associate Professor Department of Psychology and The Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior
and Julia Torquati, Professor, Child, Youth, and Family Studies

Do you feel rested and rejuvenated after a walk in the park or a camping trip in the wilderness? Research has found that exposure to natural environments has many positive effects on mental health, including relieving stress and improving cognitive functioning. We will discuss the research and the possible mechanisms through which natural environments have positive effects for both children and adults.
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