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Miocene Carnivores

During the 1930s-40s, large numbers of fossils were excavated by WPA workers. Hundreds of bones of Miocene animals collected at that time are still being added to the collections today. More »


The Vertebrate Paleontology Database at UNSM is an ongoing project supported by the National Science Foundation and currently contains over 20,000 cataloged specimens. Search the database »

Nebraska County Fossils

The Research Collections of the State Museum hold more than 1.5 million fossil specimens from every corner of Nebraska. Did sabertoothed cats roam your neighborhood? How about giant sea lizards or mammoths?
Explore your county »

A Mesozoic Plesiosaur

Follow the discovery of a Mesozoic plesiosaur fossil excavated in Nebraska. Read about its discovery and view a photojournal with scenes from dig site to research lab. More »

Nebraska Feature Fossils

Virtually every vertebrate fossil collected is scientifically important, but a few are also remarkably fascinating. Experience the thrill of discovery and gain insight into the science of paleontologic research. More »


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Scientific Name:
Sunkahetanka geringensis

Common Name:
Gering's Large-Toothed Dog

Family: Canidae

Geologic Age:
Miocene (Arikareean)
About 28 million years old

Collected: 1931

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