Rich Cunningham

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Rich Cunningham 15 km west of Yécora,
Sonora, Mexico, August  2005. 
Photo by Frank Hovore.


Rich has a long-time interest in all scarab beetles. He has amassed a  considerable collection that consists of 241 pinned specimens and 172   pounds of uncurated, frozen specimens spanning four freezers located in  his dirt-floored basement bugroom, which consists of “walls” made from  plastic sheets nailed from overhead floor joists.

Rich teaches high-school biology and coaches the wrestling team. He  co-edits the Scarabs newsletter. Rich is an excellent and durable field  collector. He once suffered the unfortunate circumstance of getting  some “Barney Bait” smeared directly on his bare forearm, and he lived  to tell the tale.  He was permanently affected . . . but he lived.

  Rich Cunningham
3889 Walnut Avenue
Chino, CA   91710

TEL: (909) 593-4504
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