Barney Streit

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Barney Streit 15 km west of Yécora,
Sonora, Mexico, August 2005. 
Photo by Frank Hovore.




Barney is an endodontist by profession, although the roots of his interests in entomology extend deep into his childhood. Like many others, he began collecting all insects, then narrowed down to Coleoptera, and then Scarabaeidae as his storage boxes became full.

Barney is not a particularly gifted collector but somehow maintains his reputation by befriending and accompanying a galaxy of extraordinary coleopterists in the field. Excursions have been made to Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, French Guiana, and Ecuador. Interests include all scarab beetles. Recently, however, he has become as interested in dung beetles as they are in his "by products."

In his spare time, Barney pursues photography and co-edits Scarabs, a newsletter devoted to not only the understanding of scarabs and ways to study them, but to shedding some light on those who attempt to do so. 

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