Blaine Mathison


B. Mathison photo
Blaine Mathison with part of his collection.




Blaine is a microbiologist, originally from Arizona, working with the
Division of Parasitic Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Georgia. His main project there is creating and editing text, images and life cycles for the DPDx Website. He also does clinical diagnosis, with an emphasis on helminth, arthropod, and tissue parasites. Blaine's beetle interests are vast, with an emphasis on the scarabaeoid fauna of Mexico, U.S.A., and Canada. Specialty interest areas include the genus Phyllophaga, dung beetle ecology (including how it relates to disease), and the fauna of the Southwest. Blaine has a large collection of world scarabs he would gladly exchange for Nearctic material.


Blaine A. Mathison
1050 Piedmont Ave NE #32
Atlanta, GA 30309

TEL: (770) 488-3512 (office)

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