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New Papers on Scarab Beetles
Bibliography of literature published on scarab beetles from
January 2001-January 2007 (worldwide coverage)

Andrew B. T. Smith


I would like to thank the following contributors who helped compile this list:

Alberto Ballerio, Ales Bezdek, David Kral, Tristão Branco, Marek Bunalski, Mattias Forshage, Andrew Frolov, Vasily Grebennikov, Jean-Bernard Huchet, Darren J. Mann, Estefanía Micó, Liza Miller, José Luis Navarrete-Heredia, Paul Schoolmeesters, Eva Sprecher-Uebersax, and Fernando Vaz-de-Mello.

NOTE - As of 2007, this list is no longer updated or maintained.

This electronic file is available to download as a PDF file. Please click on the following link:

Download the scarab beetle bibliography