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Classification ........Dyscinetus Harold, 1869
Family........... Subfamily......


Dynastinae Taxa Map

Dynastinae key

........Chalepus MacLeay 1819: 149 (junior homonym, invalid name).
........Dyscinetus Harold 1869: 123.
........Palechus Casey 1915: 174 (synonym).

Dyscinetus dubius.
Cyclocephalini key

Distribution: from the central United States to Argentina. 


Composition: 15 species (Endrödi 1966, 1985a; Ratcliffe 1986; Joly and Escalona 2002).


Diagnosis: Dyscinetus species are all characterized by the presence of a larger, inner claw with split apex on the protarsus in males (the 5th tarsomere may or may not be enlarged); a short, trapezoidal clypeus; 10-segmented antenna with a short club; and black coloration often tinged with green.  Most species of Dyscinetus are similar in external appearance, but certain characters of surface sculpturing, protarsus development in the males, and especially the form of the male parameres will serve to distinguish the species.


Larvae: the larval stage has been described for a couple of species. 


Biological notes: the biology of most of the species remains unknown.  They have occasionally been implicated in the injury to agricultural crops, but this has never been verified.  The larvae are possibly general detritus or root feeders.  Adults are attracted to lights.


Revision or synopsis: The most recent synopsis of the genus is that of Endrödi (1985a).


Literature cited:
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