The "Museum Day Live!” ticket is available to download online. Visitors who present the “Museum Day Live!” ticket will gain free entrance for two at Morrill Hall for Saturday, September 21. One ticket is permitted per household, per email address.
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The University of Nebraska State Museum – Morrill Hall will participate in a special edition of Smithsonian Intuition’s “Museum Day Live!” on Saturday, September 21 offering free admission to visitors presenting a “Museum Day Live!” ticket. On this day only, participating museums across the United States celebrate boundless curiousity by emulating the free admission policy at the Smithsonian Institution's Washington D.C.-based museums.

Museum Day represents a nationwide commitment to access, equality and inclusion. Nationally, over 450,000 people downloaded tickets for last year's event, and Museum Day 2019 is expected to attract more museumgoes than ever before.

Visitors to Morrill Hall can view major attractions including world-famous Elephant Hall – showcasing mammoths and mastodons of Nebraska's past. The newly renovated fourth floor features Cherish Nebraska, a new exhibit floor celebrating Nebraska's natural heritage. Other popular exhibits include Minerals and Meteorites, Bizarre Beasts, the Hall of Nebraska Wildlife, Weapons Through Time and First Peoples of the Plains. Youngest visitors will enjoy digging for fossils in the lively Marx Discovery Center. Visitors are encouraged to view the temporary exhibits "Museum Builders: A Story of Fossils and Friendship" and "Sun, Earth, Universe".